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Teaching Hospital Batticaloa


Batticaloa teaching hospital

The Government hospital in Batticaloa is the only teaching hospital in the eastern province of Sri lanka

The teaching hospital Batticaloa is the only teaching hospital in the eastern province and one of the 16  in Sri Lanka. The hospital is located in puliyanthivu island. The Eastern University in Batticaloa is affiliated to THB. Means that the medical students at the university could access and obtain standard medical facilities and knowledge from the hospital. The premises has 31 words with around 950 beds and Treats around 68,000 indoor patients and 155,500 outdoor patients at the hospital.

The THB is fully equipped and has a well trained staffing unit to handle any kind of medical emergencies in the region. The airport and the main bus stand is located within one Kilo meter from the facility. A cancer unit is under construction and will be fully equipped and operational soon, this will server as the main cancer unit for the entire eastern province.

Batticaloa district in total has approximately 1,500 beds to treat the patients. The district has 13 MOH divisions, 348 PHI and Midwifes divisions within. 59 PHI officers and 180 midwifes are attached to the respective divisions.


Health sub sector contributes directly to the following goals and thrust areas in the MDGs and the development strategy – life expectancy, child mortality rate, maternal health, HIV, malaria & other diseases and access to health services. Even though health indicators show that Sri Lanka is enjoying a high level of health, the ageing population with increased life expectancy and literacy is becoming more susceptible to chronic, non-communicable diseases adding to the burden of communicable diseases, diseases of the reproductive tract, trauma and child malnutrition. In order to meet the new challenges to the health needs and demands, the Health Ministry developed the Health Master Plan(2007-2016) which addresses all the major weaknesses in health care delivery. In 2009, the total health budget of the government was Rs. 71.4 billion ie., 1.5 per cent of GDP (Central Bank of Sri Lanka Annual Report 2009).
Sri Lanka spent US$34 per capita per year for health expenditure to provide basic adequate health services in 2007(at US$2002) but needs to spend $40 per capita in 2015 in order to meet new health demands. Health services are provided by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Indigenous Medicines. It is a devolved subject and the Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine of Batticaloa  is responsible for health service in Batticaloa District. Sri Lanka is committed to pursue the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
If we see the Percentage of malnourished children (below third percentile) between 1-2 years and under 5 years the 2006/7 Survey indicates that nationally 4% of the children under 5 years are severely malnourished. The provincial statistics shows that the age group 1-2 years ranges from 6-41.4% are malnourished and the age group 2-5 years is also high ranging from 8-42.6%.
Problems, constraints and issues in the health sector are focused on human resources, and health service delivery. Some of the sectors connected to health are not within the control of the line ministry. These include transport and roads, water supply and sanitation, education etc. Lack of real-time information hinders planning and targeting the services. Health care can be improved by reassigning health specialist according to re-categorization of medical institutions, improving reporting, bringing greater coordination between line ministry and provincial health ministry and bringing about inter-sectoral coordination.
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