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Sri lanka Attractions

Sri lanka Attractions

If you long for adventure, beguiling, fascinating or exciting experiences, challenging physical feats, the chance to indulge in an engrossing hobby, special interest or sport or simply to dare, you will discover Sri Lanka with exclamations of delight. For in this small but incredibly diverse tropical island of legendary natural beauty and cultured, friendly people, a new world of exhilarating and unique experiences will open up for you. Where you can ride the untamed wind and waves with a sail or surf board, camp out on a tea or rubber plantation far from everywhere, canoe-cruise through mangrove lagoons or stare with disbelief at herds of majestic sambur and elephants drinking at forest pools. Shoot raging rapids on mountain rivers or capture a prize-winning photograph of a rainbow painted over the thunderous cascade of Diyaluma, sixth highest waterfall in the world. At night trek through the early hours of the morning to watch the miracle of the rising sun dipping in homage to a sacred peak.


Paint a hillside ablaze with wild scarlet rhododendrons, see Christmas-pudding spices growing on trees or play on one of the world’s best “high tees”. Trek softly in rainforests and cloudforests where blue magpie and orange minivet nest above spectacular foxtail and daffodil orchids below. Make a thrilling paraglide from the yawning abyss of the Ella Gap or cure a nagging ailment at an ayurvedic herbal health resort.

Watch breathlessly as star sapphires are dredged out of jungle river-beds. Pick juicy purple heathplums and wild guavas for a mid-day snack on a windy plateau, peer nerves tingling, over the terrifying 1000 metre free-fall gorge of World’s End. Journey deep into the recesses of your mind by way of meditation. Dive in magical coral forests aglow with Blue Angels and Moorish Idols and explore ghostly, centuries-old shipwrecks. Venture into Precambrian stalactitic caves and abodes of prehistoric man, legendary princesses and pre-Christian Buddhist monks. Take one of the world’s most exciting rail journeys, burrowing through 47 mountain tunnels, and pit wits against a wily rainbow trout or battle with a yellowfin on the high seas. Mountain-bike down the well-named Devil’s Stairway, walk through cities twenty centuries old, where monks inscribed Buddhist scriptures on sheets of beaten gold.


So choose the adventure of your dreams, the activity or experience you long for (or a combination of many), from the tempting selection we have set out for you, categorised for easy reference. We know that whatever your choice is, the happy hours will fly too quickly and your experience will be delightful, rewarding and in many ways, unforgettable.

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