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Shopping Jewellery in Batticaloa

Shopping Jewellery in Batticaloa

Batticaloa shoppingSince time began it has always been the norm that women tend to love jewellery more than men. Whether it is a nice shiny necklace or an attractive unique bangle, a woman will always find herself drawn to these items of jewellery much more than men. There are reasons why this is the case. Women are more sensible for fashion than men. Women tend to get attracted to these items of jewellery because they have a heightened sense of consciousness about outward looks. While men may not care that much about how they look women on the other hand are very conscious. This means that whatever a woman puts on her body whether it is simply a cloth or an accessory in terms of jewelry she will be bothered by how it will appear on her. Men on the other hand are less concerned with how they look even though there seem to be more men who are becoming fashion conscious today.

Some of the leading Jewellery shops in Batticaloa are;

  • The Modern Jewellery
  • Niyas Jewellery Kattankudy
  • Jewel One


Scientifically it has been proven that women tend to get more attracted to items that are shiny and sparkling or colored while men on the other hand prefer the darker colors and shades of items. Women will usually find themselves going for items that are brightly colored while men prefer to have items that are dull or dark in color. Since jewelry is more like the epitome of bright and sparkling, it goes without saying that women are naturally more attracted to it.

Artificial it has become more trendy with time and left the gold, pearl, silver, and diamond stuffs far behind in the race. Be it a stone worked or embezzled with beads or crystals, these are all eye candies for women and young girls these days. If you are a bit creative, you can design and make your own set of women’s designer items, with little money input. If you are fond of crystals, then Swarovski would be a good choice. Necklaces, anklets and bracelets embrace simple chains while earrings and pendants are more attractive in complex three dimensions. To begin with, make a design diary or a scrapbook and draw styles of your choice. For complex designs, consider loops, row of beads and drops. Beads of different colors, styles and designs add complexity. They can be arranged in uniform, alternate or random fashion. After you are done with your hard copy, go for purchasing required materials like crystals, beads, threads, loops and chains.

Now start with making the piece, by first taking the thread and applying thread conditioner. Cut it a little long than the desired length just in case, it is better to have too much than too little. Fasten a bead stopper at one of the thread’s end. Pass successive beads as drawn onto the thread and tie the thread at each unit’s end. For a dangling shape, work horizontally first and then move vertically. Initial weaving should be strong, before backtracking. Now, for backtracking, continue as before with the last bead this time and then passing the needle with rest of the successive beads. Make sure that the weight of the beads’ is evenly distributed throughout the thread, to avoid any extra weight on any one side. This is necessary, to offer longer life to your jewellery. Now tie the ends of thread and your own creation is now ready to wear.

If you wish to use a wire instead of thread, other important materials which you will require are: rose pliers, wire cutter, crimp pliers, chain nose pliers, stringing wire, crimps, clasps and ear wires. Besides, you will also need to learn some basics of bending wires, closing crimps and attaching clasps. It would be better if you attend a class at a local venue or perhaps view an instructions based video online. Bead magazines may also serve a good purpose and give you step by step instructions along with pictures.

Batticaloa has many places around the town and kattankudy where you could purchase genuine gold jewellery.  The Modern Jewellery,  Niyas Jewellery Kattankudy and Jewel One are some you should consider if you have plans to buy.

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