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Famous people of Batticaloa

Famous people of Batticaloa



Mr.Rasamanickam was born on the 20th January 1913 in Mandoor, Batticaloa district. He is the son of Mr.Sinnapu Udayar and Mrs. Sinnapilli. He was educated at Lease High School Kalmuni and Jaffna Central College. He entered the Colombo University  and obtained his B.A in Economics. He joined the government service and held the post of Assistant to the Controller Internal Purchase Scheme, and Assistant Food Controller. In 1947 he resigned from government service to contest the Paddirupu seat at the  general election to the first Parliament.  He came forward as an Independent candidate but was defeated. He then returned to the government service again and was appointed Assistant food Controller and later became the Land Development Officer. On July 15th 1948 he married Leela James. In 1952 Mr.Rasamanickam resigned again from Government Service and contested the Paddiruppu seat as an Independent candidate and was elected to the second parliament of Ceylon.

He then joined with Mr.S.J.V.Chelvanayagam of  the Federal Party and was that party’s nominee for Paddiruppu at the election to the third parliament in 1956. He was defeated on this occasion by 106 votes. During the  Communal disturbances of 1958 Mr.Rasamanickam was among the federal party leaders placed under house detention for four months after the declaration of “state of emergency “. In the same year he served a sentence of one week’s imprisonment in connection with the anti-Sri campaign launched by the Federal Party.  At the march 1960 election to the fourth Parliament Mr.Rasamanickam was elected as M.P for _Paddirupu, Batticaloa by a majority of 4282 votes and he increased the majority to 5000 votes when he won the seat at the July 1960 election that followed, to the fifth Parliament.

In April 1961, When the Government of Mrs. Srimavo Bandaraniake declared a “state of emergency” in connection with the civil disobedience campaign launched by the Federal Party of Sri Lanka demanding language rights, he was again kept in detention for the second time. He later joined the Government Party In September 1965, he was one of the Ceylon delegates to the Inter parliamentary Conference in Ottawa Canada.

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