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Eastern University Batticaloa

Eastern University Batticaloa

The Eastern University Batticaloa, Sri Lanka ( EUSL) is a public university located in Vantharumoolai, Batticaloa. It was established on 01st of Oct 1986. The University was preceded by the Batticaloa University College established on 01st of August 1981 which was started in the buildings of the Vantharumoolai Madya Maha Vidyalayam.

Eastern University is having a main campus located at Vantharumoolai, another campus (Trincomalee Campus) located at Trincomalee and an Institute (Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies(SVIAS)) located at Kalladi with the facilities of Library Network, Centre for Information and Communication Technology and Sports.

The university, like all public universities in Sri Lanka, receives it’s fund from the UGC (University Grants Commission) which is a part of the Higher Education Ministry in Colombo.

EUSL Batticaloa

Faculty of Science eastern university Batticaloa

The Faculty of Science runs since the establishment of the Batticaloa University College on 1st August 1981. Faculty of Science consists of 5 units (department), Department of Chemistry, Botanny, Mathematics, Physics, Zoology. The Department of Botany and Zoology have a good collection of locally available and imported Species the herbarium (Botany) and Museum (Zoology) to make the teaching more meaningful and fruitful. The Faculty of science offers the subjects Botany, Chemistry, App. Mathematics, Pure. Maths, , Physics Zoology.& Comp- Science

Faculty of Agriculture

The establishment of the Faculty of Agriculture in 1981 was a response to the long felt need for sustained development of the region with respect to higher education. The Faculty of agriculture was also to serve as a catalyst for the agricultural and socio-economic development of the eastern province. The agricultural research pursued by the Faculty cater to the special needs of the region as dictated by the specific agro-climatic zone of the country. The Faculty of Agriculture has a important role to play in the up liftment of the social and economic standards of a predominantly rural population, who depend largely on agriculture.

Faculty of Commerce and Management

The Faculty of Commerce & Management was formed in 1988 and offers courses designed to provide students with a sound understanding of the functions of Business. The faculty moves to develop in its students an understanding of nature of real time business, and awareness in emerging new business opportunities and the constraints within those opportunities may be explored. It requires students to apply there creative analytical skills developed in study of general education to real business .

Faculty of Arts and Culture

Faculty of Cultural Studies with the Departments of Arab, Islam Studies and Arts was also established in 1988. The Cultural Studies faculty was then further extended to include the Departments of Geography & Languages Social Science in the year 1991

Faculty of Healthcare Sciences, EUSL

The concept of establishing a Faculty on Health Sciences has arisen way back in the nineties. In its move, former SL President Ranasingha Premadasa had taken steps to elevate the General Hospital Batticaloa (GH)as THB in the year 1993. A special committee comprising prominent intellectuals formed the Medical Faculty Committee which included senior staff members of the faculty.

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