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Eastern Province Sri Lanka

Eastern Province Sri Lanka


Eastern Province Sri lanka

Eastern province is one of nine provinces in Sri Lanka

Eastern province is one of the nine provinces of the country, and one of the two that was affected by the long raging conflict. Majority of the community here speak Tamil which is one of the official languages of Sri Lanka. The Eastern Province Sri lanka is governed by a provincial counsel and comprises three districts, they are; Batticaloa District, Ampara District and Trincomalee District. After the war came to an end these three districts are receiving enormous funds for it’s development.  Agriculture, specialty paddy production contributes a lot towards the national production. The region is also known as the food basket of the country. The weather in the province is hot, an ideal climate for swimming and echo tourism. Tourism is growing in recent time, and relevant facilities are upgraded to cope-pup. The beautiful beaches and lagoons add beauty to the province. Trincomalee and Batticaloa Hotels and guest housees provides world class services with delicious food. The province lies on the eastern cost of the country bordering the bay of Bangle. The are ideal places for bird watching spots and beach holiday lovers, like Pasikuda Batticaloa,  Nilaveli at Trincomalee and Arugam bay Ampara. Make a round trip to  East of  Sri lanka, we are sure your stay would be a memorable one.

Creation of Eastern Province Sri Lanka

In the year 1815 Briton was in full control of Sri Lanka then known as Ceylon. Ceylon was divided based on ethnic in to three administrative divisions

  • Kandy Sinhalese Division
  • Low Country Sinhalese Division
  • Tamil Division

Batticaloa Eastern Province was part of the Tamil Division. In 1833 the ethnic based divisions were merged into a single administration and sub units of five provinces. Batticaloa eastern province Sri Lanka along with three other districts were named eastern province.

  • Batticaloa District
  • Badulla District
  • Polonnaruwa District
  • Trincomalee District

Badulla and Polonnaruwa districts were transferred to new provinces at a later time and Ampara district merged as a news district extracted from Batticaloa District. In 1987 the Parliament passed the Amendment (13th) according to Provincial Councils Act No 42 of 1987 and the North east provinces were merged. Even though the NE Province was formally merged, it was split back into the Northern and Eastern provinces separately in 2007. Now Batticaloa eastern province Sri Lanka along with two other Districts is called the eastern province of Sri Lanka.

  • Batticaloa District
  • Trincomalee District
  • Ampara District

Batticaloa Eastern Sri Lanka

Batticaloa district is the administrative capital of Eastern province Sri Lanka; it’s a beautiful and a place of cultural and historical importance. The District is also emerging as a significant commercial and tourist spot in Sri Lanka. Here are some of the places you should visit. Traveling here takes less than an hour by air and eight hours by train or bus from Colombo.

Place to visit and things to do in Batticaloa eastern province Sri Lanka

Batticaloa fort

A small Dutch fort at Puliyanthivu Island built in 1628  by the potuguese and captured by the Dutch in 1638. The fort is now occupied by the kachcheri, and advised to visit the place after office hours or on Saturday Sundays.

Passikudah and Kalkudah Beach

Soft sandy and calm beaches with clean shallow waters, best place to learn swimming. Walk in to the sea for 200 meters.

Batticaloa Light house

The 28 meter light house was built in 1913. You should climb up to experience the cynic beauty of the nearby islands and lagoon.

Batticaloa Gandhi Park

The new Gandhi Park located next to the clock tower is a place for relaxation; it also houses the Batticaloa gate, Gandhi statue and statue of Rev. William Ault.

Batticaloa Kallady Bridge

Two bridges side by side, the new bridge built to replace the old one to cope up with heavy traffic. The bridge location is famous for the singing fish some time back.

Batticaloa Lagoon Park

Batticaloa has 3 lagoons out of it Batticaloa lagoon is the biggest. Fishing activity is visible throughout the district.

Batticaloa shopping

The city has good places for shopping visit the main puliyanthivu, kodddamunai, kaththankudy area for all your shopping needs

Village trip

You should spend a day to visit and explore the cultural and traditional values of Batticaloa villages. Village irrigation tanks, village huts, paddy and agriculture fields are the main features.

Places to stay

Batticaloa district has good hotels to make your stay a comfortable and memorable one. Plenty of hotels, guest houses, resort for you to choose from.

Trincomalee Eastern Sri Lanka

The eastern port city of Trincomalee is located around 260 km north-east of the Countries’ capital Colombo and around 130km from Batticaloa. The port at the city is known to be the 5th largest natural harbor in the world. Trinco has a long history of trade and culture that goes back to the 6th century BC.

Place to visit and things to do in Trincomalee eastern province Sri Lanka

Hot Springs of Kanniya

Visit the hot springs of Kanniya, a historically important place to experience the hotness of life.

Dutch Fort and Naval Museum

Fort Frederick or the Dutch Fort is located next to Koneswaram temple. The Portuguese built it and the Dutch captured it in 1639. You should also visit the neighboring naval museum (Hoods Naval Museum) located within the navy base.

Other places to visit in Eastern province Sri lanka

  • Trincomalee War Cemetery
  • Kudumbigala Monastery -Ampara
  • Trincomalee Beach
  •  Marble Beach (Trincomalee)
  • Pigeon Island National Park (Nilaveli)
  •  Koneswaram Temple (Trincomalee)
  • Gal Oya National Park – The Crossing (Ampara)
  •  Buddhangala Monastery (Ampara)
  • Kumana National Park (Ampara)
  • Seruwila Mangala Raja Maha Vihara (Trincomalee)
  • Fort Frederick (Trincomalee)
  • Coconut Cultural Park (Kalkudah)
  • Muhudu Maha Viharaya (Pottuvil)
  • Arisimale Beach (Trincomalee)
  • Girihadu Seya
  • Deegavapi Stupa (Ampara)
  • Lanka Pattuna (Trincomalee)
  • Hoods Tower Museum (Trincomalee)
  • Lahugala Kitulana National Park (Ampara)
  • Lahugala Magul Maha Viharaya
  • Kantale Lake (Kantale)
  • Thopigala or kudumbimalai (Batticaloa)
  • Arugam bay  (Ampara)

While you have an endless list of places to visit for sightseeing and other recreation, you have to have the best of food, accommodation and travel plans and schedules to enjoy visiting the maximum number of places. When you want to visit the maximum number of places, you would want to have the best of quotations made that can help you fulfill all your desires related to travel. An Eastern province Sri Lanka tourism deal consists of a perfect accommodation booking, flight, cruise, car or bike hire. All you can do is to choose from a variety of deals we offer you. Our plans are classified for individuals, families, honeymoon travels and corporate, peer and friends groups. If you want several options, we will give you a cocktail of features incorporated from one onto the other. We give you maximum flexibility making our deals viable for you to afford, enjoy and get the maximum out of the Eastern sri lanka tour packages we provide.


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