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Cashew wine in Batticaloa

Cashew wine in Batticaloa

The cashew tree is native to northeast Brazil and during the sixteenth century, Portuguese traders introduced the cashew to Batticaloa and coastal Sri lanka as a soil retainer to prevent erosion on the coasts. The tree flourished and spread throughout the country.

Cashew Wine

Most people only know of the cashew nut and very few people in the western world have heard of the cashew apple. The cashew apple is attached to the cashew nut. The nut develops first and when it is full grown, but not ripe, the receptacle fills out and becomes plump, fleshy and pear shaped in appearance forming the cashew apple. In the sixteenth century, cashew apple juice has been used to treat fever, to re-freshen breath and to conserve the stomach.

Cashew wine is only produced domestically seasonally in a small amount and is hard to find in the market. You could contact the cashew cooperation in Batticaloa located at Mayelambavaly to obtain more details.  Enjoy the unique taste of this juice, and the amazing health benefits that it will provide. Just three cap fills every day, morning and night will be enough to provide you with additional energy and in no time you can feel refreshed and healthy.

Also known by the botanical name Anacardium occidentale, the cashew is a close relative of mangos, pistachios, poison ivy and poison oak.

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