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Beauty of Batticaloa

Beauty of Batticaloa

Batticaloa fishing sunrise

Plenty of fishing activity along the beaches of Batticaloa

Batticaloa is a beautiful city located in the Eastern province of Srilanka. The city is also called as the singing fish land. The superb Passikuda and Kalkudah beaches speak in abundance about Batticaloa Sri Lanka. Apart from this the lagoon sunrises, fort bastions, cannon, fort church, Dutch fort, singing fish, add charm to this coastal city.

Passikudah and Kalkudah beaches

Shallow water, white sand, palm trees, coral reefs makes the beaches of Passikuda and Kalkudah an ideal place to spend your day along the coast. The photos of batticaloa reveal the shallow waters of the Passikuda beach provide a completely secure environ to get trained in swimming. It is a renowned bathing spot for the little ones. You can also indulge in activities like snorkeling, boat rides and fishing.

Lagoon sunrises

Batticaloa places are renowned for the magnificent sunsets. In Batticola, the sunrises are evenly excellent. The sun rises above the lagoon and over the old fort.

Singing fish

Due to its singing fish, Batticola is famous in the folklore of Srilanka. As per the Batticaloa Sri lanka custom, from the month of April to September, a bizarre sound depicted as similar to a violin string or plucked guitar or the noise created by chafing a damp finger on a glass rim, can be heard emitted from the lagoon’s depths. The “singing” sound is very intense on full moon nights. No one knows the exact reason for this sound. It is widely believed that the sound may be created by marine creatures like mussles or catfish. Another hypothesis explains that the sound is due to flowing of water among the boulders on the lagoon floor. The most excellent method to hear the signing fish sound is to grasp, the tip of the oar in the water, and grasp the other tip to your ear. The best place to tune in the sound is the Kallady Bridge.

Dutch fort

The ancient Dutch fort of Batticola was constructed by the Portugese in the year 1928. It is in fact called as “Dutch” as ten years the fort was captured by the Dutch from the Portugese. The photos of Batticaloa Dutch fort shows it as a square building with the four bastions and surround by the lagoon on either sides. You can also see old cannon. The, Buddhist stupa and shatra belonging to the Ruhuna kingdom signifies spiritual implication. At present the fort accommodates the District secretary office. You can also see the original Dutch church’s monumental stone that was constructed in the eighteenth century. In future there are plans to convert the fort into a museum & a conference hall.

Periyathambiran Temple Festival.

If you are a religious person, then you can visit the Periyathambiran Temple Festival located in Batticola’s Akkarapattu area. This temple is one of the renowned Batticaloa places andit is famous for the yearly Periyathambiran Temple Festival which is conducted for 5 days. You can watch a variety of cultural programs such as dance programs, poem recitation, drama and music which upholds the lively Hindu tradition in this Sri Lankan coastal city.

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