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Batticaloa Weather

Batticaloa weather

Being 5 to 10 north of the equator means that temperature in Sri Lanka remain virtually constant year round. Coastal and lowland areas such as the Eastern Province experience a high temperature of 27oC to 29oC. Indeed Trincomalee is one of the hottest places in Sri lanka: the temperature can rise to 37oC.

Trincomalee experiences an average of 109 rain-days per year, Batticaloa 116 days. It is perfectly possible to visit the Eastern Province during the monsoon months as rain is confined to a couple of hours in the afternoon. However, the best climate period to visit the provinces is between March and October.
Humidity is generally high in Sri Lanka; rising to a sweltering is averaging 60% to 80% in the Eastern Province.

Average monthly temperatures and rainfall for Eastern Province

Avg. Max. temp. (oC)272829323333333333312927
Avg. rainfall (mm)173664858692851107107221358363


Weather in Batticaloa

Batticaloa is known to be one of the dry zones of Sri Lanka. Batticaloa also experiences very frequent, intensive rainfall with relatively worm conditions. The average daily temperature ( high) recorded is between 34.30  in July to 28.40 degrees C in January. Batticaloa  experiences severe dry weather condition from January to July, during the same period the humidity also reduces. According to the statistic data available highest rain fall of 487.2mm in December and the lowest  11.4mm in May. East part of Sri lanka including Batticaloa receives it’s rain from  North- East monsoons during the months from October to February. Also during this period the main Maha season is practised by the Paddy farmers of the district. The province is receiving an yearly rainfall above 1500mm. Batticaloa and the neighboring districts experienced serious flooding in the recent years affecting agriculture and livestock production. Humidity is one of the main factor that determines the temperature levels of an reason. Reports of strong winds is not recorded in Batticaloa town area in recent times. The highest day wind speed is recorded as 8.6 km/ph in January and it has gradually come down to 0.3 km/ph in Sep. (day time wind) According to statistics, 4.73 % of the total land area of the Batticaloa MC is covered by large inland water bodies. Three lagoons are located in the Batticaloa district and largest lagoon is the Batticaloa lagoon. Batticaloa town area is surrounded by the Batticaloa lagoon.

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