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Batticaloa Tourism

Batticaloa Tourism

Batticaloa tourismFrom the days of legend and ever since, Sri Lanka has beckoned irresistibly to visitors from all over the world. Discover for yourself a land of pure charm and enchantment, floating amidst the soother waters of the Indian Ocean. Travel to the heart of this tropical paradise, and wonder at the unharmed beauty of golden beaches sheltered by lush palm and coconut groves, the remarkable mountain ranges in the hill countryside and beautiful sandy beaches of the eastern province. Our trip guide will take you beyond the utmost boundaries of your imagination and make your visit to Batticaloa a memorable one.

Some of the finest hotels in Sri lanka reside in this picturesque District. Wherever you go, you will find impeccable architecture, tasteful interior design, beautiful landscapes and a wonderfully caring service. Hospitality is not just an art to be followed, it is an inbred trait that comes out to the fore, and captivates all who experience it. Walk around the old Batticaloa town, the fascinating sights and sounds of the walking tour bring you close to nature and ancient history like nothing else can.


Bird watching in Batticaloa

With 441 resident and migrant species of birds, forest, aquatic, lowland and montane, 23 species of which are endemic, Sri Lanka is a promised land for bird-watchers. Popular and accessible sanctuaries such as Bundala, Kalametiya, Horton Plains, Adam’s Peak Wilderness, Knuckles, Sinharaja, Udawattekelle, Bellanwila and the Muturajawela wetlands are ideal sites. Many colourful tropical species can also be spotted in animal sanctuaries, archaeological reserves, wayside forest patches, irrigation lakes and rice fields, as well as large numbers of migrant species during the northern winter months. In Batticaloa you could spot large quantity of water birds along the lagoon banks and around irrigation tanks.

Water sports in Batticaloa

Explore the endless possibilities of Batticaloa water sports arena, with over a hundred rivers, lakes and rushing streams in abundance over Batticaloa District, as well as the vast pulsating ocean. The numerous aqua sports resorts and hotels bordering the coastal shores provide plentiful scope for excitement as you will find in our spectacular water sports tour.

Reaching Batticaloa by train

Traveling from and to major cities is so convenient from Batticaloa. Sri Lanka’s British-built railway networks complete with picturesque steam trains winding among tea plantation estates present endless fascination to rail buffs. Rail routes such as the Main Line (hill country, coastline, Kelani Valley (broad/narrow gauge)), and Northern Line run through highly varied terrain. The Main Line is Sri Lanka Railways’ showpiece and one of the world’s classic rail journeys; its highlights include 47 tunnels, viaducts, steep-haul gradients, the Demodera Loop and a spectacular climb from sea-level to over 2000m. Read our train and bus time schedule to obtain further information on departure and arrival time.

Enchanting scenic beauty, rich natural wealth and varied fauna and flora, traditional life-styles and colorful religious festivals make Sri Lanka a photographer’s paradise. Take our photographic tours, and capture some of this indefinable magic on film.

 Fishing in Batticaloa

The traditional fishing villages in Batticaloa lie dotted along the coast, painting a quaint picture with local fishermen perched for hours on stilts. Many fishing harbors and landing sites along the coast and lagoon further inland offer plentiful scope for leisure fishing, which is taken up as a pastime by many locals and tourists. In addition, there’s the exciting reality of deep-sea fishing, where beneath the surging tide hides an under-world life just awaiting your discovery. Fishing is a key income generating activity for the residence of Batticaloa.


Nature and Beaches in Batticaloa

It’s not a mirage or a beautiful dream that will melt away when you open your eyes. You are awake, the sky is a glittering blue and catamaran boats are beached on the amber sands beyond the tide. The air is scented with tropical flowers, and palm trees and caesarians whisper drowsily, throwing shifting, feathery shadows on sun-drenched shores. The scene might be any Sri Lankan beach – south, north, east or west, which girdle the island’s seaboard. Many of the island’s best and most accessible tropical beaches lie along eastern and southeastern costs, strung in a line of colorful and inviting Hotels and resorts. Each Hotel has its own special attractions and distinctive charm and hinterlands of exceptional natural and human interest. Many are fringed by magical underwater coral reefs, and have numerous submerged shipwrecks dating from centuries ago. Further up along the western and north of Batticaloa, fishing villages with their fleets of boats and catamaran canoes, noisy fish markets and fairs, mangrove wildernesses, water-bird colonies and toddy tapping lend a special native character to the palm-fringed golden beaches here. Lie back and enjoy endless vistas of serene untouched landscapes. The beautiful dream lives on.

Traveling with kids to Batticaloa

Batticaloa is the perfect place to travel with your kids. Distances are generally not too much and there are plenty of things to do and places to go for the kids. We are well aware that, if the children are not enjoying their holiday then neither will the parents. Diving on our reefs or just enjoying our warm seas are elements of which we are sure your children will fall in love with! There are whales passing by the eastern cost and our national parks teem with peacocks, elephants and even leopards!

We have chosen the accommodation in such a way that rooms can be adjoining or where ever possible interconnected and on ground floor level as much as possible. Kids love to play in the garden and whenever we have the possibility we will provide them with a tropical surprise full of birds and flowering plants and trees. Needless to say all accommodations we picked for our family travel have a pool which is safe for them to play around in. Our guides went through a special training on how to deal with families. Our transport is of good quality and of course fitted with safety belts. Should you desire to travel to our island but end your trip in the Maldives then we are of course more than capable of organising that too, keeping our philosophy intact so expects a very family friendly island with lots of amenities there as well!

Hotels and Guest house in Batticaloa

Batticaloa and eastern province tourism has been transformed with the debut, since the end of the war in 2009, of a new range of super luxury 5 star hotels. Some hotels are constructed from anew whilst others. Over 20 new small luxury boutique hotels have come onto the luxury hotels market. Whereas earlier Batticaloa used to attract predominantly a back packer market looking for cheap beach holidays, the country, voted the Top Destination by a prestigious publication at the 2012 WTM, now draws an exclusive elite of those who can afford to stay at hotels with rack rates of over US$1000 per night. With the Batticaloa hotel sector going up market, these resulting hotels are exceptional not only for their standard of luxurious accommodation but also for their stunning architectural design which blend into their spectacular natural settings. Luxury hotels have come up on the East Coast of Sri Lanka with the finest beaches in Asia at Passikuddah. The East Coast was closed to tourism during the three decades of conflict. The former battle zone, now a haven of tranquility, is the site of Maalu Maalu Hotel ranked amongst the 100 most luxurious hotels in the world. Please see our latest hotel on the East Coast, places to stay in Batticaloa

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