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Batticaloa Sri lanka

Batticaloa Disrict Sri lanka

Batticaloa located in the eastern cost of the country is the capital of the eastern province

Batticaloa Sri lanka is a District located in the East of Sri Lanka. It’s strategically positioned in the midst of shallow lagoons with clear warm waters. It would be a delightful phenomenon to take a boat ride in these lagoons. Batticaloa in Sri lanka also has two well-known beaches, namely Kalkudah and Pasikuda which place the town on the world map of hot tourist sites. Within the limits of Batticaloa town, you will find many churches as well as a small fort. All these could be explored and visited by foot since the town is not extensive. It is worth mentioning that the city is known as “the land of the singing fish” would you like to find out why? Then come down to Batticaloa and find out for yourself. Batticaloa Sri Lanka has a lot to offer. You will be amazed, yearning for more. Batticaloa is on the east drift, 69 miles towards south of Trincomalee and is best known as the site of the first arrival (in 16029) by  the Dutch in Sri Lanka, and as the spot where they secures their first enduring toehold on the island by grabbing the nearby stronghold from the inhabitant Portuguese in 1638. Agriculture and fishing are the main income earning livelihoods for the community living here, the tourism industry is catching up in recent years after the long dragging conflict came to an end. The present Batticaloa city can be partitioned into four divisions specifically Pulliyanthivu, Koddamunai, Kallady and Putuurr, and the District is divided into 14 sub divisions.

Administrative divisions of Batticaloa Sri lanka

  • Manmunai North ( Dutch fort, Batticaloa Market, Puliyanthivu, Gandhi Park)
  • Eravur Pattu
  • Eravur Town (Eravur beach, Cashew production and mosques, Shopping centres)
  • Kattankudy (kallady beach, Kattankudy beach and Shopping centres)
  • Koralai Pattu
  • Koralai Pattu North
  • Koralai Pattu South
  • Koralai Pattu West
  • Manmunai North
  • Manmunai Pattu
  • Manmunai South & Eruvil Pattu
  • Manmunai West
  • Porativu Pattu


Travel to Batticaloa Sri Lanka

Batticaloa District could be accessed from all parts of Sri lanka with convenience. From Colombo it’s situated around 330Km and takes less than seven hours to reach the city by Car. The Main railway station is less than a kilometre from the town. The Batticaloa rail line begins from northern town of Mahawa (Maho) and makes stops at numerous stations along the route before reaching Batticaloa. Bus transport service both private and public is more widely and frequently available from and to the district, there are regular flights from Colombo which is the most convenient buy quite expensive. The district’s airport is located just 2 km from the town.

Tourism in Batticaloa Sri lanka

Batticaloa is settled in the lavish greenery where scene is encompassed by nature offering a great view amid dawn. Tourist comes from all over the word to visit this town. People here are extremely liberal and treat each other with warm friendliness. Visit and activities are lined up all year round that will not disappoint any traveller.


Visit and Activities Batticaloa Sri lanka

Batticaloa has many sights of interests to visit. Some of the sights are highlighted below;

  • The Dutch Fort in Batticaloa

The Portuguese were the first owners and builders of the grand fort in 1628. However, the Dutch took it followed by the Brits. The fort now houses administrative officer, and the security levels are still high. Tourists are more likely to be escorted by a soldier or police officer. In the short tour along the thick walls of the fort, you will come across many ancient items such as canons, watchtowers, and the now ruined bell tower. You also have the chance to steal a spectacular view from the fort across the marvellous lagoons. After a visit to the Dutch fort, you could relax for some time at the nearby Batticaloa fort park.

  • Pasikuda beach in Batticaloa

The bays of the shoreline of Pasikuda is a must visit place if you are a beach lover. The white sand is made out of granules so fine; it issues you the vibe of strolling on a warm woolly surface. The longer, darker toned Kalkudad Bay is also one of those unusual picture immaculate scenes with cruising watercrafts, coconut palms and purplish blue waters. Pasikuda, Kalkuda and Batticaloa offer safe swimming and snorkelling with clean shorelines. The small area of the town ensures that cleanliness is guaranteed. Apart from pasikuda, there are other beaches like kallady beach, Nasivanthivu beach, Vakarai beach and kayankeny beach.  Kallady shoreline is one of the most pleasant near Batticaloa Town. It is said that it is very good for picnics and camping. For many of these reasons Batticaloa Sri Lanka should be on your priority list whenever you decide to visit Sri Lanka.

  • Lagoons in Batticaloa

Batticaloa has 3 noteworthy lagoons viz. Batticaloa lagoon. Valaichchenal lagoon, and vakari lagoon. Among these, Batticaloa is the biggest, and has a few islands situated around is. The Batticaloa shorelines are by and large more pleasant than all the shorelines in south and west Sri Lanka. There are a host of activities that you can indulge in Batticaloa. You could rent a bike from your hotel and go for a tour around the city.

  •   Parks in Batticaloa

There are many parks along the lagoon and close to the beaches in Batticaloa, namely the Mahatma Gandhi Park, Batticaloa Lagoon park and the Eco park are some places would be ideal places to sit and relax.

  • Batticaloa public Market

Would you like to take a remarkable souvenir back home? Then the Batticaloa market is the ideal place to be. You will also find plenty of tropical fruits and coastal foods to tickle your taste buds.

  • Thiruchendur Murugan Temple in Batticaloa

The temple was built in 1984 as a resting point during the well-known pilgrimage of paada yatra to kataragama. Even though the structure was hit by the tsunami, its foundation was strong enough to withstand the natural disaster. The most famous Hindu temple in Batticaloa is the Mamanga Eswarar kovil which is an very ancient and historically important temple. Learn about the Batticaloa and the eastern province culture by visiting one of these temples during the festive season.

  • Our Lady of Sorrows in Batticaloa

As mentioned earlier, Batticaloa has plenty of churches within its boundaries. One church that stands out from all the rest is the church of our Lady of Sorrows. It is a massive blue eight-sided structure. The other famous churches around Batticaloa are the St. Marie’s Cathedral, Fish shaped St.Sebastian Church and Puliyanthivu Methodist church.

Above are just a few of the marvelous sights in Batticaloa. Other Visit and activities include:

  • Kudumbimalai mountains
  • Mylambaveli Kamadchi Amman Kovil
  • Kallady and manmunai Bridge
  • Batticaloa Light House
  • Unnichchai Dam
  • Sri Mamngeswarar Kovil
  • Sathrukondan wetland
  • Boat trip to the islands
  • Diving
  • Bird watching trips
  • Agro trips to the villages

read our post on things to do and places to visit in Batticaloa to find out more

Photography in Batticaloa Sri lanka

Batticaloa is a heaven for travellers and is a picturesque town. In the event that you are a photographer, you can photo noteworthy, famous, religious spots and wilderness destinations. The hotels are mainly located around Batticaloa town, Kallady and Pasikuda. The views are perfect, and it is easily one of the most beautiful locations in Sri Lanka. For pictures of Batticaloa click here and for videos click here

Shopping in Batticaloa Sri lanka

Both Puliyanthivu and Koddamunai are great spots for shopping sessions. You may likewise like to visit Batticaloa’s business sector and the legislative handloom & craftsmanship deals. Focus to purchase superb jewelleries from Batticaloa. Along central road you could find places to purchase Gold Jewelleries. Clothing for both men and woman are cheaply available from textile shops from Batticaloa compared to purchasing from Colombo and elsewhere in Sri lanka. Kattankudy is another town five kilometres away from Batticaloa town where should stop by.

Batticaloa Sri lanka weather

The climate is moderate and it can be visited anytime of the year. Know what to where to make you conferrable during the hot months of the year. Heavy rain is experienced during the month of October, November and December, and occasional flash flooding occurs during these months. The maximum temperature could reach up to 33 degree C (day time) and the minimum 19 degree C. (rainy nights)

Batticaloa Sri lanka Hotels and accommodation

Batticaloa hotels are strategically located near all sights of attraction to make it easier as you travel to visit these places. For instance, you will find a three-star hotel close to the pasikuda beach. The area of Kalkudah also has plenty of Accommodations, they are mostly guest houses. Most Hotels and resorts in the area have private beach area as well as other enjoyable facilities. Also most of the hotels in Batticaloa have featured outdoor swimming pools. Hotels in Batticaloa operate a 24-hour front desk office to serve the guests.

Tourists flock into Batticaloa at all times of the year since there is something to do and see at all times. The high hotels are also fitted with beautiful balconies with well-ventilated rooms. If you find yourself getting home sick, you have the freedom to enjoy free satellite T.V

Swimming is not the only additional activity that you can engage in, you will find that any Hotel in Batticaloa and Batticaloa guest house has added something extra on top of it for in-stance; you can go cycling along the long sandy beaches of Batticaloa. You are also provided with range of different cars for leasing, if you prefer to go for drives instead. However, if you wish something more relaxing and less physically demanding, you can choose to go fishing in the shallow clear Batticaloa lagoon.

Restaurants in Batticaloa

The tropical fruits and coconuts are not the only foods that can tickle your taste buds when you fly down to Sri Lanka. You can try out different local cuisines in most of the hostels and restaurants in Batticaloa. Tomato restaurant Batticaloa is a nice place, you should try visiting them. It’s located on the first floor of Sunshine Bakery building.

The accommodation services in Batticaloa cater for all. A strict budget should not hold you back from visiting these beautiful places. There are many affordable hotels and Guest houses in Batticaloa to cater for those with not so deep pockets.  The warm and welcoming hearts of the people of Batticaloa, as well as the staff in these hotels, will make you feel at home. Simply ask and they will gladly offer you help.

Find Hotels in Batticaloa Sri lanka

There are many hotels and inns located near the beaches and in the main town are. Batticaloa guest houses provide basic accommodation. It can be quite crowded during tourist season and it is best to plan your travel ahead. There are a host of both budget friendly and luxury hotels overlooking the lagoon. The lodgings accompany rooms that are semi disengaged bungalows.  They are cutting edge, come with all modern amenities and budget friendly. There are two types of rooms basically, with ocean view and lagoon view so decide in advance. The staffs at the hotels are helpful and can converse in English. Home stat option is also available in Batticaloa and would be ideal if your stat would be for more than a week, it is one of the best ways to experience the culture of Batticaloa Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka’s beauty is not only seen through pristine beaches and historic attractions, the wide variety of food that encompasses this land would leave even the fussiest of eaters truly satisfied. The abundance of gourmet delights this country boasts include the fieriest curries, the freshest seafood and the some of the most succulent tropical fruits this world has to offer. Whether local cuisine is on the agenda, or if western eating is preferred, Sri Lanka caters to all appetites. Visitors can pick up traditional hot and spicy curries from local guesthouses, or the more discerning eater can find excellent international cuisine in hotel restaurants and cafés within most cities. If you choose to eat in places not accustomed to serving traveler, be prepared to eat as the Sri Lankans do: with your fingers. Rice is the country’s staple ingredient, eaten at any time of the day, whether for dinner with a traditional curry or as a popular breakfast dish known as “kiribath”, the versatility of rice can be explored in many ways. However, food and waterborne diseases are the number one cause of illness to travelers in all parts of Asia.


· To avoid stomach upsets, only eat   thoroughly cooked food or fruits and   vegetables you have peeled yourself.   Remember: boil it, cook it, peel it, or it’s   best to forget it!

Some of the finest tasting tea is grown in Sri Lanka, yet most of it is exported. The best place to try a great cup is in the hill country, where hotels and tea plantations offer the best of the crop. Lion lager is the most common beer, and Arrack, a liquor made from fermented coconut sap and quite reminiscent of dark rum and tequila, is the nations most popular alcoholic beverage.

Exotic fruit is amongst the tastiest in the world here – and you’ll find it offered everywhere. From roadside hawkers, sliced and ready to eat, market stall vendors or as desserts served in restaurants.

The fruits described on the right can be found aplenty…


are small red “hairy” fruits with soft opaque centres. Their delicate taste and juicy flesh are particularly enjoyed in the hot weather. They are related to the lychee and are mostly available during July and August.

come in a variety of sizes, colours and tastes. They can be enjoyed as a sweet and juicy dessert or slightly unripe with a mixture of salt, chilli and sugar for a zesty snack. Mangoes also add nutritional value being high in vitamin C and a good source of fibre.

Mangosteen is protected by a tough purplish colour skin and the size of an apple. Its’ snowy white inside can be segmented, and its succulent flesh has a sweet, yet slightly acidic flavour.


(paw paw) is an international delight, with a soft orange centre this tropical favourite is rich in vitamin A and C. Papaya is sweet with a smooth texture and used commonly in fruit salads and shakes.

Star Fruit has a waxy, pale green skin with a watery citrus taste. The yellower the fruit the sweeter its flesh. With five ridges running in length, the cross section of the fruit is starlike in shape and is said to be good for high blood pressure.

Jackfruit is a large oval shaped fruit, sometimes weighing up to 20kg, and has a thick and spiny skin. It has a sweet firm yellow flesh and when unripe can be cooked as vegetable in curries.

Custard Apple is a unique round apple shape fruit, covered in a greenish brown textured skin. Inside reveals a surprising creamy flesh, tasting blancmange-like – a hint of custard and apple in one.

King Coconut can be consumed in a number of different ways. Young green coconuts produce an utmost refreshing drink and ranges in its sweetness. The soft and slightly creamy textured inner kernel is highly nutritious, containing a good source of carbohydrate, soluble fibre as well as vitamin E, iron and calcium. Used in curries, sambals and desserts, this highly versatile fruit is an all time favourite amongst local and tourists alike.
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