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Batticaloa lighthouse

399px-Lighthouse_-_Batticaloa,_Sri_LankaThe east cost of Batticaloa features an array of exiting attractions of which quite a few have been influenced by colonial rule. The Batticaloa lighthouse is such example that offers you a glimpse of what life was in the past.  Discover the past glories of the beautiful city of Batticaloa, which is ideally situated in Sri lanka’s east coast. Surrounded by palmyra and coconut trees the city is home to a thriving community slowly but surely waking up to the opportunities that tourism has brought with it. If one is thinking of heading over to Batticaloa, then a visit to the iconic Batticaloa lighthouse is a must. Found a mere 5km from Batticaloa city, it is located near the palameenmadu estuary and can be easily reached by traveling down bar road. Travelers to the area will certainly enjoy their time spent uncovering the beauty of the surroundings and learning of its contribution to the seafarers of the old days.

Erected for the benefit of many ships and fishing crafts who sought its direction and guidance to aide them in navigating the rough waters of the Indian Ocean, the Batticaloa lighthouse as of now serves as an important hub of learning and exploration while being one of the more alluring sites you will come across in the area.  Constructed by the British in the year 1913, the tower stands at an impressive 28 meters in height and comprise an observatory deck and five windows.  “Batticaloa Lighthouse” structure is a great reminder of the caliber of engineering that existed in the early 1900.

Referred to as the Muhathuwaram light house by the locals this translates in to “where the lagoon meats the sea” the tower is ideally located at the point where the ocean waters meet the Batticaloa lagoon. During the 2004 tsunami the Batticaloa Lighthouse received minor damage but it was later restored by relief that flowed in to the country after the disaster.

One may reach the top of the lighthouse by climbing the many ladders found and thereafter be stunned by the panoramas of the nearby lagoon islands, beaches and parks. Among the many promises Batticaloa Sri lanka makes, it promise to surprise you with stunning beaches, amazing hospitality and historic monuments. The promise is true to the east of the country where the Batticaloa light house has stood the test of time.

Known as “The land of Singing fish” Batticaloa is home to an historic light house which is a famous attraction here sitting atop an elevated perch of land. The tower is an oval structure built by the British when the land was ruled by them in 1913. Standing as an symbol of light for many years since its inception, the Batticaloa lighthouse has offered hope and relief to many sailors and fishermen in the area and those who traveled on the rough seas of the surrounding Indian ocean. Today it stands as a beautiful reminder of the age old heritage of Batticaloa Sri lanka and the winds of change gone by.

You could also step in the Batticaloa lagoon environmental learning center and the plmyra development board outlet to learn something new and buy some locally made products with you. Boat trips will take you to the nearby Eco park and a islands within the Batticaloa lagoon.

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