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Batticaloa History

Old Batticaloa HistoryThe Kingdom of Batticaloa was created by King Koothikan in around 700 B.C and it happening to prosper after Karikala Cholan from Chola Kingdom captured it.  King Karikala Cholan took many as prisoners back home. Twelve years later Great Gajabahu brought the prisoners and their descendants from Cholai Nadu. King Karikala Cholan ordered King Gajabahu to settle the Tamils who were brought back in eastern, central and western provinces .Theepa Vaavi was the then capital of Batticaloa Kingdom. Nagas and Yakshas are the first colonizers of the island who spoke Tamil.

The native traditions that records the landing and settling of eastern Sri Lanka was recorded in Mattakallappu Manmiam, detailing the history of Batticaloa, Also Mattakalappu Poorva Charithiram’ similarly tells the history of Batticaloa contributed by many writers.  According to these texts, Batticaloa kingdom was covering a huge area of the Eastern cost and the community who lived here were used Tamil as their main language for communication. Batticaloa was rich in Agriculture productive land, other communities gradually started to settle in and around Batticaloa Kingdom.


It was during the first century BC, Mukkuvars migrated from south Indian kingdom called Pandya naadu.  Arriving in Batticaloa they had established seven colony type of settlement. Once got established they came in to conflict with the fishing community called Thimilar. Mukkuvars’ primary settlement place was called Thimilathiv. Aaccording to Mattakalappu Manmiam a fort existed somewhere around Batticaloa town. The conflict augmented between both parties, with the help of a group of people believed to be Muslim traders who also came from pandya naadu called Pattaniar defeated the Thimilar. Loosing the thimilar moved to Verugal, a village blundering Trincomalee.  The place is still known as verugal.

Most of the villages still have their old meaningful names given to them centauries before.   Sathurukondan (where enemies were killed) a village near Batticaloa town with a meaning to its name. A place where soldiers relaxed and celebrated the victory was called Vanthaarumoolai where the Eastern University is located today.  Eravur, savukady and thimilathivu are some of the names in Batticaloa that have a historical meaning to it.

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