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Batticaloa Accommodation

Batticaloa Accommodation Batticaloa HotelsBatticaloa which seats on the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka has a rich history of social interactions with foreigners, people of plentiful culture and religious heritage. Unsurprisingly, the area gained toehold as the ultimate tourist destination years back. This unmatched popularity is attributable to the magnificent chains of flawless beaches, hustle-free cheap and lavish class accommodation alongside scrumptious and exotic Sri Lankan dining options, warm-watered less deep lagoon and gives quick accessibility to the venerable Pasikuda area. The natural features are alluring, tranquil while temperatures remain warm throughout.

How to Choose the suitable Batticaloa Accommodation for you

Batticaloa District seats many tourist Accommodations; you can choose Resorts, guest houses, hotels, home-stays, Bungalows and restaurants as well as cafes as you enjoy your vacationer explorations. To settle for the tip top and cost-value guest house, there are various factors to weigh:

Attractions: If you want to enjoy your stay in Batticaloa Sri Lanka to the fullest, you should settle for Batticaloa hotels that are situated in areas copious with tourist appeals and speedy transport. Consider the hotels found within the spectacular lagoon surround and the golden thread of beaches like Kallady, Kalkudah and Pasikuda. The best Batticaloa hotels are strategically ensconced in places where you can view panoramic and picturesque oceanic sceneries and a subtle collection of beaches.

Pasikuda vs Batticoloa Accomodation

Pasikuda offers one of the most elongated shallow coastlines stretches allowing one to walk for miles into the ocean due to the waters’ tenuous current in contrast to other Sri Lankan coasts. This area may be inundated with tourists; one can opt for cheaper options like Batticoloa hotels, including five star lodging at lower rates as there is quick accessibility back to and from Pasikuda.

Book your Batticaloa Hotel and Guest house in advance

This area hosts numerous hotels that offer accommodation services to foreign as well as denizen tourists; competition is getting stiff while most transactions are completed online. The internet comes as handy tool as you can use to explore hotels in Batticoloa, Pasikudah and adjacent areas, pinpoint redeemable coupons or offers, book reservations earlier, pick out hotel locations, use apps to request taxi services, compare rates and packages, and much more. There are many hotels you can transact with online, or by contacting them directory by our Batticaloa Accommodation contact list. Find details and contacts of Batticaloa Accommodation  including White Doe Rest, Treat oo0! Tourist Hotel, YMCA, River Hut, The Moon Hotels, Riviera Resort, Siva Shakthi Restaurant & Hotel, to name but a few.

Commute: If you are not likely to leave the shorelines or would like to venture in the whole of Batticoloa and areas yonder, you can walk around the compact town, most hotel resorts offer transport services that come in handy. By the same breath, hotels and resorts around and in Batticaloa. Train station offer early railway commuting and bus services to transit you to far-flung tourist areas in the sprawling Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, there are many hotels in Batticoloa as well as Pasikudah that are interposed in attractive lagoon and beach sides, consider, China Cottage, Deep Sea Resort, Hotel Bridge View, Hotel East Lagoon, Green garden Batticaloa Hotels, Riviera Resort, Subaraj Inn and Ymca where you can enjoy memorable picturesque views of the ocean and the sun’s orb as it emerges or sinks in the horizon. Read our article on 40 places to stay in Batticaloa to find your kind of Accommodation in Batticaloa.

Batticaloa Accommodations provide high standard of Services

Every business must maintain a positive public image, the tourism and hospitality industry is no exception. You should pore over testimonials and views of erstwhile customers online to gauge the efficiency of the services you want to contract. If you come across a customer or independent review discrediting certain services, one should be careful about booking. However, most hotels in these areas have a huge pool of hospitable and courteous staff, they will usher you in warmly, serve you with due respect and wear uniforms for easy identity. There are countless top-of-the-line hotels offering cheap accommodation that includes Wi-Fi services, the likes of Hotel East Lagoon, Hamsaam Villa, China Cottage, Sea Front Hotel, Deemah Beach Rest Inn, Riviera Resort, Avonlea Inn, Olive Green Resort, Hotel Bridge View, Orchid Rest & Restaurant, the list is endless.

Shop Wisely: Most people find themselves in last minute arrangements, thus, there is less time to explore all options and yet get quality services and strike a balance on costs. Still, you can quickly choose inexpensive hotel deals online through Travel and relevant sites to save up to 50%. During off-peak seasons, most service providers in this sector give hefty discounts, last minute deals, and free nights for certain packages. Even if you want class-exclusive room at pocket-friendly prices, there are perfect options, for instance 4 Star Hotels, 3 Star Hotels instead of 5 Star Hotels.

Top facilities available at Batticaloa hotels

Also imperative are the facilities offered, guests should be able to cross-shop exquisite, deluxe rooms and spacious executive suites for families. The rooms should be well-serviced, adorned with elegant furnish and offer average amenities in the vein of in-room safes, children’s park and alcohol-free areas, wake-up service, wireless internet connectivity and movies at affordable rates. Top-ranging Five Star Hotels provide up-to-date meeting areas and boardrooms aided with loads of facilities like audio and visual tools, room cleaning, multi-lingual staff, newspaper provision and transport. There are dozens of 5 star hotels and top-of-the-line restaurants that host modern facilities, viz. Hotel East Lagoon, Ymca, Riviera Resort, Hotel Bridge View, Amethyst Resort and Sri Lanka Holiday. They grant extras like rooms equipped with humidifiers and air-conditioners, bicycles to explore Batticaloa District, Diving, swimming and snorkeling near the resorts.

Tourist places in Batticaloa

For nonstop and smooth transit, there are motor roads, Batticaloa railway line transporting commuters from Colombo through Polonnaruwa up to Batticalaoa daily and local flights arrangements, Rickshaws and bus services. It’s so easy to find your own transport from your Batticaloa Hotel, you can also easily take pleasure in the numerous tourist attractions in Batticaloa District and yonder:

Batticaloa Lagoon

This narrow and stretched out lagoon occupies an area lying within approximately 11,500-ha of water. The lagoon confluences with rivulets, is demarcated to the ocean by twin narrow channels, which are chocked by sand bars in dry seasons. It exhibits sundry natural grandeur like rambling mangrove swamps, grass growing on seabed, diverse water birds, cool breeze and much more. A large area is landscaped for seating spaces and has equally been used for boat voyages. To enjoy the beauty of the lagoon find the suitable among the Batticaloa Hotels to stay.

Kallady Bridge

This forms the leeway from Batticaloa town center to the southern parts of the district; it is a historical monument erected in 1923 and a magnet for tourists owing to the exotic melodious music made by marine life.

Old Dutch Fort Batticaloa

This ancient edifice that was constructed back in 1628, it is a memorial fort and now archaeological site that changed hand between three colonial masters in history.

Sathurukondan Wetlands

Beautiful landmark lake and has been converted to a sanctuary for rare bird species.

Handicraft Center

Here you can buy at cheap prices dozens of souvenirs, leathery items, decorating materials, artistic works, among others.

You could visit Mahatmagandhi park, Batticaloa lagoon park, batticaloa lighthouse, vakarai lagoon, kudumbimalai rock & the eco park.

Batticaloa accommodation are available close to mostly all the tourism sites of Batticaloa District

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